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the fact that this picture exists makes me happy

Paris Stade de France (21/06/14)


the best moment in film history


This room has to be an homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. If it isn’t then idk what to say.

Dave was obviously cut off from the outside world by the time he made it to that point (like how Lydia closing the door shut off all the outside sound) and he got there by mistake (but also slightly on purpose depending on how you wanna view it). Drawn there by the monolith most likely. Similar to how Lydia is drawn to places on purpose by her banshee status but unintentionally at the same time. Dave set course for a place he wasn’t actually going and that happens to Lydia all the time. Upon arrival he found the “answer” to a question that isn’t completely clear in the first place. Or maybe the question was clear and the answer wasn’t… who knows? 2001 is literally one of the most up for interpretation stories in existence.